image-about-3Worker Center Watch is dedicated to exposing Big Labor’s abuse of the worker center organizational model.  Hiding behind these non-profits, unions mask their true motivations, circumvent operational requirements and skirt reporting and disclosure obligations.

Facing decades of declining membership, unions recognize that drastic measures are necessary, and are leveraging worker centers to lead their corporate smear campaigns, lobby their agenda and conduct stealth unionization efforts on their behalf.  Meanwhile, many of these organizations are enjoying tax-exempt status and are funded by taxpayer dollars.

image-about-2The industries fueling U.S. economic growth in recent years are overwhelmingly non-union, and as a result, are facing the most vicious attacks.  The burgeoning union-funded worker center movement poses a serious threat to the engine of U.S. job growth, and by extension the health of the American economy.

By educating the public on the true motivations and tactics of these groups, Worker Center Watch aims to ensure this movement does not succeed in destroying jobs and upward mobility opportunities for generations to come.

For more information, or to support our efforts, please contact us at Info@WorkerCenterWatch.com.