The Black Friday Parade of Paid Protestors and Made-For-TV Arrests


In front of various retail locations this Black Friday made-for-TV shenanigans are in full swing. Every arrest photo holds a common denominator, someone is in a Santa costume and everyone else has a sign on their back that reads, “25k.” As audio obtained by earlier this week indicates activists have been communicating with police in advance of the protests and the “25k” sign seems to demark that the bearer has agreed to get arrested. In addition to having all their legal fees paid, the UFCW and their subsidiary OUR Walmart are also paying protestors to attend, wave signs and hoot and holler. This fact, of course, disputes last year’s claims of a national “strike” organized by workers. In fact, it more than disputes it. It makes the claim laughable. Caught with their hand in the cookie jar, no one this year seems to be portraying these protests as “a strike.”

The good news for shoppers is that, thus far, the protests have been few in scope…. Maybe paid protestors are knocking off early to get home to their families. If they want to have more of an impact next year, the UFCW’s management may want to look into improving their scheduling practices.