WCW Releases New Videos Ahead of Black Friday Protests

Today, Worker Center Watch released a new video, “I’m Not a Worker.”  The title is a direct quote from OUR Walmart protestors at a Pico Rivera, California store last week (November 19th, 2015). We couldn’t sum up the OUR Walmart protests with any more efficiently than the protestors did with that simple statement, “I’m not a worker.”
Another video released today includes interviews from various affiliated unions and worker center groups.  As both videos demonstrate, these protests are comprised of union members, activists and students, rather than actual workers.  It’s been previously documented that many of these protestors are paid to participate.  According to the L.A. Times, “In the past, the United Food and Commercial Workers and OUR Walmart, a subsidiary of UFCW, had offered $50 gift cards to anyone who showed up to protest.”
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