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Watch Out for UFOs - Worker Centers as 'Union Front Organizers'

For companies that are wondering if they are next (or do not even know whether to worry if they may be next or not), it is time to understand the changing focus of worker centers and prepare for their presence.

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Discover whether nonprofit worker centers could be coming to your workplace.

From the December 2013 issue of SHRM’s HR Magazine, this member restricted content looks at union front groups from the human resources perspective.

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Worker Centers: Charities or Labor Organizations Masquerading as Charities, and the Impact of an IRS Decision on the Question

A special report from the non-profit Legal & Tax Letter ®

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U.S. Chamber Report Shows Union Front Groups Receiving Millions from Activist Foundations

Foundations provide groups with over $57 million from 2009 to 2012.

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What You Should Know About Job Killing 'Worker Centers'

How would you feel if someone you never met from a “worker center” went to your boss and said he represents you? What if this person took outrageous positions that might get you fired, or might make your employer move out of state, or out of the country?

If you have never heard of worker centers, you are not alone.

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