Worker Centers Hope to ‘Occupy’ Your Christmas

Despite media hype, Big Labor’s best efforts to politicize last year’s holiday season failed.  This year they plan on re-upping for another Black Friday campaign.

On that day, the combined efforts of OUR Walmart, Warehouse Workers for Justice, Warehouse Workers United and various other Occupied-styled mobs hope to execute coordinated protests and strikes attacking key “choke points” (Elwood, Illinois and California’s Inland Empire) in the distribution channels that move Johnny’s bike and Susie’s doll across the country before they arrive under your Christmas tree.

Corking the nation’s supply chain on Black Friday through the holidays would be quite a feat.  Activists would settle for disrupting it for a few hours, or at best hope a few days.  In doing so, they could inflict millions, if not billions of dollars, of financial damage on their corporate targets. While the delayed arrival of Jimmy’s Play Station 4 would be an annoyance for most shoppers, the result for workers at targeted brands may be that they get to start the New Year with a job search.

In the past, unions had all but abandoned these types of economic actions because backlash against rowdy strikes and protests were counterproductive and turned public opinion against them.  Everyday citizens, that may otherwise be responsive to conversations on wages and benefits, simply do not appreciate having their daily lives derailed so that unions can score political points.  Apparently, unions have forgotten that lesson as Labor is committed to again using the holiday season as a political platform.  On thing is for certain, they won’t stop until the public resounding tells them to keep the Occupy-style tactics out of Christmas.